If you have Amazon Prime, then you can immediately subscribe to over 100 live TV channels through the new Amazon Channels service. This means that you can now absolutely let go of your cable TV subscription because Amazon Fire TV + Amazon Prime + Amazon Channels is all the TV you will ever need, and then some.

One of the biggest reasons you hold on to your cable TV subscription is being able to watch live TV, and catch episodes of your favorite show the same time everybody else does. Now Amazon is giving you more reason to cut the wire, provided that you own an Amazon Fire TV device and commit to an Amazon Prime membership. Amazon Channels is your Amazon route to live TV.

Amazon Channels allows you to subscribe to your favorite cable channels – like HBO, Starz, Showtime, Cinemax, among others – so you can watch them over your Fire TV device. A new row will appear on your Fire TV interface once you’ve subscribed to Amazon Channels – this will be the On Now row, and it will show you all of the programming that is live at the moment, so you don’t have to miss watching the shows you regularly follow on cable TV.

What’s more, you can now ask Alexa to watch specific channels – “Alexa, watch HBO” – and the digital voice assistant will immediately show you what’s showing live at that very moment. You can try that command on your Alexa Voice Remote or connected Amazon Echo. This just gives you more reason to commit to Amazon’s TV ecosystem. What do you think about it?

SOURCE: Amazon