Most of us probably would want to get away with not getting off the couch or even lifting a finger when you’re all set to have a massive marathon in front of your Smart TV. Well if you have an Amazon Fire TV, you might just get your wish with the latest update. Alexa, that wonderful sounding voice assistant that helps you get things done and answers your questions, will now be able to play your videos, launch apps, and answer your other queries, all through your Fire TV and Fire TV Stick that is connected to your Smart TV.

The update that will be coming in the next few weeks will make it easier for you to look for content on your Fire TV just through voice commands and integrated voice searches across 59 content partners of Amazon, including Hulu, HBO Go, Starz, etc. You will be able to launch apps just by saying “Launch Hulu” or whatever app you want to open. You can also say “Play Minions” or “Watch Game of Thrones” and it will immediately launch whatever it is you want to watch, as long as the app supports this of course.

In case you’re looking for movie schedules in your nearby cinemas or trying to find the nearest restaurant you can still go to at 10PM or searching for a flower shop that you can deliver, you can ask all of those questions to Alexa as it tries to find the answers from her localized database. And if you feel like telling your Amazon Fire TV to read you a book, you also have access to your Kindle ebooks, at least those that have text-to-speech capabilities.

The Amazon Fire TV will also now have access to the full 4K library of YouTube through the app, and if connected to a UHD-compatible TV. These new Alexa features should be arriving at your Amazon Fire TV and Fire TV Stick in the next few weeks.

SOURE: Amazon