“It’s that guy again! Wasn’t he on…uhm…what was that show again?” Normally, when you watch a movie or show and this situation comes up, you pause the video (if you’re on demand or on video streaming), get your phone or tablet, then try to search for specific terms that would eventually lead you to who that actor is. But it will take you a few minutes, maybe hours. Now if you have an Amazon device and Amazon Instant Video, it will just take you a few seconds.

Amazon is finally introducing the X-Ray feature, a favorite of Fire tablet users, to the Amazon Fire TV and the Fire TV Stick. With just a click of a button or two, you’ll know be able to identify the actor whose name escapes you, where he/she appeared in before, and even their whole biography if you want to. This service is fired by IMDB, which as a database of more than 180 million items, so you know that the info should be legit. So just press pause (or not, if you want to keep on watching while researching), press up on the directional buttons and it will display the names of the actors currently on the screen, as well as the music that’s playing. If you press up again, then you’ll have more information about the actor, character, tv series, music and even user-submitted trivia on IMDB.

The X-ray is available for more than tens of thousands of movies and TV shows on Amazon Instant Video, including original series like the award-winning Transparent, Mozart in the Jungle, Bosch, and Alpha House. If you’re an Amazon Prime member, you’ll also get X-ray features for Prime-exclusive shows like Orphan Black, The Americans, Vikings, and Suits. The X-Ray also lets you skip to go to the parts where there are musical numbers in the series or TV show, so you can go crazy singing along to the Frozen songs to drive your family members insane (or they’ll sing along with you).

The X-Ray feature will be delivered to your Fire TV and Fire TV Stick through an over-the-air update which begins today. So if you don’t mind pausing while watching every once in a while, then this feature will come in handy for times when you absolutely need to know info about the actors and/or shows and movies you’re watching.

SOURCE: Amazon