Amazon Fire TV Cable

Amazon launched Fire TV back in 2014, introducing us to the concept of media streaming. It was only one of the many launched that time but Amazon had an advantage because of its large database. We’ve seen several updates the past few years but this time, the next-gen Fire TV may be the Fire TV Cube. That is totally a new device and we’re assuming this will be more powerful and will be able to do more than just stream music and videos.

There is no major announcement yet but a page listing was sighted, showing the new Fire TV Cube. The streaming device was spotted on an email subscription page. Amazon was simply asking if you’d want to sign up to receive details about the device.

We can’t say if the Amazon Fire TV Cube is the final and official name of the mysterious streaming device. At this point, we’re assuming it will come with built-in Alexa and will be smarter than other Fire TV models.

So will this Fire TV Cube follow the Fire TV, Fire TV Stick, and Fire TV Edition? We really hope it will be more intelligent and more useful with more integrations. Let’s just wait and see.