If you own a Fire or Alexa-based streaming device, you probably sometimes wished that it would be able to talk to your whole entertainment system so your life would be easier. A new device was introduced by Amazon and it will basically make that wish come true. The Fire TV Cube is more functional and capable than its sisters in the Fire TV line-up. Not only will it let you stream content in 4K but you will also be able to control your TV, your set-top devices, and other compatible accessories, just by using your voice and from the comfort of your couch across the room. Here are the things and other things that it will be able to do.

It gives you access to all the content you want.

There are already tens of thousands of channels, apps, Alexa skills, services, and of course all the video content that you would want. And Fire TV Cube lets you access all of that whenever you want. It can even give you the 4K Ultra HD and HDR titles. Some of the most popular streaming services can be controlled by your voice thorough Alexa commands. These services include Netflix, Hulu, ESPN, FOX Now, Showtime, Starz, Playstation Vue, and of course, Amazon’s own Prime Video. All you have to say is “Alexa, launch Netflix” or “Alexa, watch Man in the High Castle” or “Alexa, find dramas” and it should be able to give you what you’re looking for.

You can also tell Alexa to watch Live TV with you.

While on demand services are probably the way most people watch shows now, there are also those who still want to have Live TV. And Fire TV Cube lets you control your cable or satellite boxes or streaming apps that have live TV, again with the help of Alexa. It is compatible with set-top boxes from Comcast, DISH, and DIRECTV. Just say “Alexa, tune in to CBS” or “Alexa, switch to ESPN” and you’ll be able to watch whatever is on in real time.

It can hear you from across the room.

The Fire TV Cube is equipped with far-field voice recognition and eight microphones, so even if you’re sitting in your couch from across the room and your box is next to your TV, it will still be able to catch what you’re saying. Even if it’s a bit noisy around you or if you’re already playing something on your TV, the device’s advanced beaming technology can bypass all of that so that it will be able to clearly hear your commands.

Alexa keeps getting better with age.

Alexa was one of the first voice digital assistants in the market and Amazon is on a quest to make it the best. The skills and commands that it understands continues to improve and they keep adding more in-app voice controls so you can navigate through various content hands-free. With Fire TV Cube, Alexa responses are actually optimized for the big screen and even comes with “rich visual information” like viewing smart home camera feeds, seeing video flash briefings, sport scores, movie trailers, etc.

When can I get my hands on the Fire TV Cube?

You can already pre-order the device starting today and it will cost you $119.99. It will come with an IR Extender cable and Ethernet adapter and everything should start shipping by June 21. Prime Members can save up to $30 if they buy on June 7 and 8 to get the cube at just $89.99. If you purchase and register it by July 1, you’ll get a $10 credit for Amazon Video. Fire TV devices will also now have access to Amazon Music starting June 21 at $3.99/month.

SOURCE: Amazon