You’ve probably subscribed to several live TV services but almost always forget that there’s something that you need to watch live, like a sports event or an awards show or something that you absolutely have to watch as it happens. If you have an Amazon Fire TV device at home, you will now be able to have easier access to it with a new Live tab. Now you have a single destination for all your Live TV needs as long as you have a Fire TV or Fire TV Edition smart TV.

Amazon has several Live TV services that you can integrate into your Fire TV including free services from Pluto TV and Red Bull TV and subscriptions to the likes of PlayStation Vue and Philo. Amazon has its own service too called Prime Video Channel where you can access HBO, Showtime, MLB.TV, NBA League Pass, PGA Tour Live, etc. Now you’ll be able to see all of these in one place, alongside your antenna channels if you have a Fire TV Edition smart TV, which is called the Live tab.

When you tap on that tab, you’ll see all your Recent Channels at the top so you can have easier access to your most recently viewed channels. Under that, you’ll see the different “genre” of live channels that you’re subscribed to. You have a “Live Sports” row and a “Breaking News” row where you will see the respective channels under it. This will be followed by the dedicated rows for whatever services you’re subscribed to, the Prime Video Channels, and your antenna channels if applicable.

As more people continue to cut the cords to their cable subscription and would prefer live TV services like the ones mentioned above, we’ll see smart TVs and various platforms like Fire TV and Android TV try to bring more features that would make your live TV viewing experience more convenient and also more mobile. This is one of those things that can enhance your streaming life, especially if you still like catching stuff life on TV.

The Live tab will be rolled out to Fire TV users in the US over the next week. If you haven’t subscribed yet to any of the services mentioned, now would be a good time to check them out.