If your home is running on Amazon or Alexa-linked smart devices, you will now have an easier way to manage all of them on your Amazon Fire tablet. Users will soon get a Device Dashboard so you can see all of your supported smart devices in one place so you don’t have to go through separate apps or to do all the controls through Alexa voice commands. If you have an Amazon Echo device of course you have this already but with a tablet, you can bring it anywhere with you in the house.

The update to the Device Dashboard will now include all the smart devices in your house that you’ve connected to Alexa. This includes connected lights, cameras, and appliances. You’ll see a Smart Home button in the left corner of the navigation bar, which should be visible wherever you are in the tablet. This includes when your Fire tablet is on lock screen mode, as long as you’ve set up your navigation bar to always be visible.

When you tap on the Smart Home button, you’ll be brought to the Device Dashboard where you’ll not only see all the connected devices but also the essential controls. You’ll see the toggle switches at the top where you can turn all lights on and off, control all switches, or manage all your plugs. Under that, you’ll see the tiles for the individual devices. You’ll first see those that you’ve recently used.

But of course you can customize the tiles on the dashboard by pinning specific devices in place, if they’re the ones that you access frequently. Some things you can do from the dashboard are toggle lights, adjust brightness, check and adjust thermostat temperatures, load different camera views, etc. And since this is on a Fire tablet, you’ll have the convenience of being able to access these devices from wherever you are. Well, if you carry your tablet everywhere that is.

The new Device Dashboard has started rolling out to Amazon Fire tablets already. Of course if you have an Echo device, this interface will not bet something new to you as most smart displays have this already.