Amazon has announced a new software update for its not so popular Fire smartphone. The latest software update brings AT&T branded version to Fire OS 3.6.5 and the unlocked GSM version to Fire OS 3.6.8. While the OS versions are different for the two device models the updates bring the same exact features to the smartphones.

One of the more interesting features that comes with the new update is the ability to translate text and identify famous artwork using Firefly. Users can also now see three versions of a given photo with the Best Shot feature to allow them to choose the perfect picture.

Users can now enable and disable SMS/MMS settings and select more keyboard languages. The ability to block unwanted phone numbers has been added along with the ability to add custom ringtones. Users can now view more information from the lock screen of the device.

Documents can be written and edited using WPS Office and VPN connections are now supported. Synchronizing calendars across Amazon devices is now possible and reading Kindle books can be done in one long continuous scroll. Various improvements for battery life and bug fixes are also featured. The updates are available right now.

SOURCE: Amazon


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