If you’re a fan of Amazon’s smart connected speakers and its virtual assistant Alexa, you’ll be pleased to know that the online retail giant has finally confirmed the rumor that has been floating about the past months. They have officially announced the Amazon Echo Show, the newest member of their Echo line of products, but this time with a touch screen to let you and Alexa get more visual. The cuboid device will be available next month, but even now they’re already showing off what it can do.

At its most basic, it’s just like any other Echo product which means you can ask it to do something just through voice commands using your very own digital assistant Alexa. The main difference of course is that since it has a screen, you can use it to see videos, home cameras, and other visual information you may need. When you listen to music on Amazon Music, you can see the lyrics on-screen and sing along. You can also of course stream music from other apps like Spotify, Pandora, etc.

You can also make hands-free video calls to your loved ones who also have an Echo Show or any smartphone/tablet that has the Alexa app. Voice calls can still be done to anyone who has an Echo or Echo Dot device. The device also has a Drop In feature which functions as a sort of video intercom and you don’t need the other person to actually pick up for them to see or hear you.

The Echo Show can do all the usual things you can do with a smart connected speaker, including adding appointments to the calendar, adding items to your shopping list, checking the weather, and connect with smart home devices from Ring, WeMo, Philips Hue, SmartThings, ecobee, Wink, etc. It will be available in the market by June 28 and will cost you $229.99. If you buy two devices, you’ll get a $100 rebate.


SOURCE: Amazon