Amazon is rolling out a new version of the Echo Show. The Amazon Echo Show 5 is now listed on the top e-commerce site. The smart device comes equipped with a 5.5-inch display screen, HD camera, and built-in Alexa. The device costs below $100 so you can install one in every room at home. The first Echo Show version has come a long way. Amazon has made the Echo line with Alexa successful in this day and age where voice and virtual assistants can do a lot of things for us whether or home or while we’re out.

Alexa can do many things for you–show a recipe, show your favorite TV shows or movies, display shopping list, or play your favorite songs. The Echo Show 5 is compact and can do more than ever before.

Amazon has added new Alexa privacy features so you know things are really private and secure. Audio has been improved as well so you can enjoy streaming tunes from Spotify, Pandora, Apple Music, or Amazon Music among others.

The small display allows you to watch shows from many online sources like Prime Video, CNN, NBS, or Reuters. The wikiHow integration will be introduced soon so you can learn how to do many things with the voice instructions. Step-by-step recipes will also be available.

As with other smart home devices, you can control and manage other gadgets from the Echo Show. Simply ask Alexa to control lights, adjust thermostats, and show security cameras. When you need to communicate with family and friends, connect with the various messaging and video calling apps available. The Echo Show 5 is more private now because of the built-in shutter that covers the camera and the button that quickly turns off the mic and camera.

The Amazon Echo Show 5 is listed for only $89.99. Buy a pair to get a $30 discount. The product will start shipping on June 26.