If you have kids in your house and you want them to be part of the Echo experience as well, Amazon recently released a Kids Edition for its Echo Dot speakers. Aside from having a more kid-friendly color case, it also comes with other features specifically for the young ones. Now they retail giant is offering a discount if you get two (or more in multiples of two) devices as you can have them for just $129.98 a pair.

If you don’t know about the Echo Dot Kids Edition yet, that’s because they only announced it last week. But it seems they’re already offering these deals to entice parents to get this kid-friendly smart speaker. The Echo Dot is regularly priced at $49.99 but this Kids Edition is more expensive at $79.99 so they need to offer deals like this to attract buyers. Aside from the colored sturdier case, you also get a year’s subscription to the FreeTime Unlimited on Alexa service plus a two-year guarantee that promises free replacement since we all know the weird things that kids can do to devices.

If you get the “variety pack” offer, you get two devices for $129.98 which is $30 less than if you get two of them at their regular price. You can choose a blue/green, blue/red, or red/green combo. There are no other freebies aside from the ones mentioned. The FreeTime Unlimited comes with ad-free radio stations and playlists, more than 300 Audible audio books that are suited for young people, premium kids Alexa Skills, plus parental controls.

Would you need more than one Echo Dot Kids Edition? Well, if you have more than one kid and more than one room for kids, it can be a handy PA system. You can wake them up or call them to the dinner table or whatever announcement you want to make through the Alexa Announcements feature. If you already have Echo speakers, you can also get FreeTime Unlimited starting May 9 and it will be priced at $2.99 per month per device.

VIA: SlashGear