If you have an Amazon Echo device in your house, you know how useful it is and its Alexa digital voice powers and how it can help answer your questions and organize your life. But you probably also know that its built-in speakers are not something to write home about and that it badly needs the support of better speakers. Now you will be able to listen to your music better because you can now pair it with a Bluetooth speaker of your choice.

The support for Bluetooth pairing was quietly introduced by Amazon and the only evidence is that you can now see on their service website the fact that you can now pair it with a speaker. However, there are a few conditions and restrictions. First off, the speaker needs to be at least 3 feet away from the Echo which is understandable since we don’t want anything interfering with Alexa and the work that she/he/it does.

If you’re using other Bluetooth devices connected to the Echo, you need to disconnect them first before you pair it with the speaker of your choice. While they don’t say that there are only specific brands that you can use, they do say that those that are Echo Dot certified would be the best fit for your Echo.

If you still don’t have an Echo device in your house and want something smaller, the Echo Dot would be ideal, except that it doesn’t have a speaker. So you would really need to have a Bluetooth speaker with that one. But if you prefer something bigger and you don’t want to buy an additional speaker, then the Amazon Echo is your best bet.

VIA: SlashGear