Amazon have announced that they will be powering the T-Mobile G1’s music download store, with users able to search, download, buy and play music directly from their handsets.  Offering over six million tracks, in vanilla MP3 format without DRM, the Amazon store will be pre-loaded onto the G1 and optimized for the mobile’s display.  Browsing, searching and listening to audio samples can be done over 3G, but actual track downloads will only be possible with a WiFi connection.


Most albums are priced between $5.99 and $9.99, with individual tracks around $0.89.  Once purchased they can be managed with any software and played on any MP3 compatible device; alternatively they can be burnt to a CD.

The Amazon press release also confirms that the G1 will have “Google Maps with StreetView, Gmail, YouTube” among other apps, together with “one-touch access to Google Search” and the Android Market portal.  Remember, Android Community will be Live Blogging the T-Mobile G1 announcement later on today, at



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