Amazon has announced a push messaging service, dubbed Amazon Device Messaging (ADM), this will deliver push messages to Kindle Fire apps. The catch here, at this time the announcement is intended for developers. Simply put, end users with a Kindle Fire will not be getting push messages by way of the ADM just yet.

That said, we suspect at least some with a Kindle Fire will be happy to learn that this is coming. On that note, Amazon has released this as an API for developers. According to Amazon, this will be simple, efficient and free. The free part is a nice perk and if nothing else, should help to encourage developers to make use of this API.

The other perk is the efficiency as this will allow users to get messages without having to constantly check. Simply put, this is a good way to get messages without killing your battery. The ADM is currently still considered a beta and at this point in time, we have not seen any estimate as to when end-users are going to begin seeing push related app updates.

Otherwise, the one catch we can see at this point is where this will work — only on second-generation Kindle Fire devices. In other words, those with an original Kindle Fire may soon have a reason to upgrade.

[via The Next Web]