On-demand video streaming services are of course continually trying to one-up another in order to catch the attention of a public that is spoilt with many choices. Amazon Prime Video is right up there competing with Netlix, Hulu, HBO Now, etc, having both original programming and the usual suspects of movies and TV shows as well. But now, they’re taking on another interesting approach and that is to target video content creators with their new Video Direct service.

No, Video Direct isn’t their own version of the dreaded direct-to-video kind of movies. It is actually a service wherein video creators can upload, manage, and of course earn a bit of cash from their original content. There isn’t even any oversight from Amazon (although there are probably agreements as to what kind of videos you can or cannot upload). The videos can be streamed on all screens where Amazon Prime Instant Video is supported, like smartphones, tablets, desktops, etc.

Another great thing for creators here is that they can choose the method of distribution of their videos (and also including their compensation). They can choose to make it available on Prime Video, thereby giving its “tens of millions” of users access to the uploaded content. Or they can also make it an add-on to the subscription through their Streaming Partners Program. They also have the option to offer it at a one-time rental or purchases price. Or if you’re really feeling generous, you can have it available to all Amazon customers, ad-supported of course.

If your video content is among one of the Top 100 AVD titles in the Prime Video chart, then you’ll be part of the $1 million dollars that they’ll distribute among the top creators. This is called the AVD Stars program and it will start rolling out based on activity during June 1-June 30. But the Video Direct Service is already available starting today.

SOURCE: Amazon