Is 2018 going to finally be the year when augmented reality goes beyond Pokemon Go and early adapters? Well brands and OEMs seem to be really pushing for it and we’re just two months into this year. We previously heard about the AR View that Amazon is bringing to its customers’ mobile devices and now they have started rolling it out for their Android app. This feature is especially useful for those who are very particular about how something will look in their house before they buy it.

How the AR View works is pretty simple. Once you’ve updated the Amazon app on your Android phone, open it, tap the camera icon. You’ll see several options there and the newest one is AR View (not to be confused with AR stickers). You will then see all the different products that have this feature and you can place them virtually anywhere in the room so you can see how it will actually look like in your space.

If you want to move it to a different spot, just use one finger to do it. And if you want to rotate to see another “view” of it, use two of your fingers. You can “walk around” the product so you can see it from different angles and determine if it will match your decor and your aesthetics before deciding on whether or not to buy it from Amazon. All the products are sized and rendered so you can see it like it’s actually there in the room.

There are currently “thousands of products” that have the AR view and they will be adding more to the catalog every week. So update your Amazon app from its Google Play page and start imagining how your dream house will look like.

SOURCE: Amazon