According to the geeks over at AllThingsD today is the big day for the Android Appstore coming out party. This is despite the fact that Apple has filed a trademark infringement suit against Amazon over their treading on Apple’s App Store trademark. The official link for the new Amazon Appstore will be

At the time I wrote this, the link simply redirects to the home page so when the official go time is we don’t know. Amazon will offer a version of the store that Android users can download to their handset. The store also reportedly supports hundreds of mobile operators and handsets.

The catalog is supposed to start out with about 3,800 offerings. The real question that lingers for a lot of Android users and fans is what will set this store apart from the official Android Market and all the others out there. We already know Amazon is working on exclusives since they grabbed up the exclusive on Angry Birds Rio. Major developers like Gameloft, Handmark, and Glu Mobile are all supporting the Amazon offering.

[via AllThingsD]


  1. So the fact that I can’t find Angry Birds Rio could be because the Appstore hasn’t actually launched yet. That’s good to know. I thought I was doing something wrong when I kept getting the Amazon homepage….. Thanks for the info!

  2. So it lets me log in to Amazon, send the link to my email, download and install the app store, log in to the app store. It then tells me to sort out 1-click settings. So I go and sort all that out. Once it’s done I try to install a free app.

    It then decided to tell me that the App Store isn’t available in my region.


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