Android 12 stable version has been available for devices for a little over a month now. While most apps have made truce with the new operating system, Amazon Appstore seems to be giving a hard time to users who have made the upgrade. Complaints of the ill-functioning marketplace have been floating on Amazon forums and flooding other platforms for a long time now.

According to the complaints, the Appstore is reportedly unusable on Android 12. This appears as a major goof-up from Amazon since customers who use the Appstore for their app installs are unable to launch the installed apps and games from the marketplace.

It’s not that Amazon has not had enough time to get things right for a better user experience, but the company seems to have put this issue in the back seat. The brand’s technical team did acknowledge the issue instantly – when complaints started rolling in – but since the team is “still working on the resolution,” leaving users unsatisfied.

It is pertinent to note that the Amazon Appstore is a major Google Play store alternative. A huge userbase uses its app library to install apps from over 460,000 applications available on the Appstore.

There is no word from Amazon as to when a possible solution to the problem could be made available and when Android 12 users will be able to use the Appstore glitch-free. Until we hear something official, if you’re an Appstore fan, you’d want to – for now – reconsider your options of upgrading to Android 12.


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