Many are waiting for the Amazon event coming later in the week, however that didn’t stop the company from offering some updated stats on the Mayday support button. More recently though, Amazon has also offered an update on the Appstore. It seems the Amazon Appstore now has nearly a quarter million available apps.

According to details from Amazon, the Appstore now has “over 240,000 apps and games.” And perhaps a bit more interesting is the growth. The selection of apps and games in the Appstore has “nearly tripled in the past year.” The Appstore is available in roughly 200 countries, and Amazon has said developers have been reporting “strong monetization.”

Coming along with the triple growth in terms of available Appstore apps, Amazon has also said the number of new developers has “close to doubled in the last year.” Details from a recent IDC survey (commissioned by Amazon) offered the following;

  • 65% of developers said that Total Revenue on Kindle Fire is the same or better than developers’ experience with other platforms.
  • 74% of the same developers said that Average Revenue per App/User is the same or better on Kindle Fire than other platforms.
  • 76% of developers indicated that the Kindle Fire platform helps them connect with new market segments—an important indicator that the Kindle Fire platform can be a significant source of net-new business and “reach” for developers at a time when new market segments may be difficult to find on competing platforms, the study noted.

With no official confirmation just yet — many are expecting Amazon to announce the long-rumored smartphone later in the week. Time will tell how that all plays out, but it seems details on the growth of the Appstore may end up serving as a nice lead to such a device announcement.

SOURCE: Amazon