Ahh the Amazon Appstore Free App of the Day! If nothing else you’ll always be there for me to look forward to each day. Of course today’s free app has given me more than my fair share of pain… The Impossible Game is an app which is remarkably true to its name, and very addictive in a sort of masochistic way.

The game is simple, as most games which claim to be this hard are. You control a square. Touch the screen, the square jumps. Your little boxy friend scrolls along the level with you trying to make sure he doesn’t run into, or land on any spikes, or the black sections of the “ground.” Somewhere around “attempt 13,” (the game is kind enough to keep count) it started to sink in I was still on level 1.

The key here is that the game managed to destroy me over and over without making me get so angry I’d uninstall it. This is no small feat. The game keeps you engaged and on your toes enough to stay fun so long as you don’t take your failure too personally. Now, I wasn’t able to confirm there is more than one level (not for lack of trying), but assuming there is this game will be a great way to burn some time, especially for those of you who want a break from Angry Birds.

Remember its free just for today, so if you don’t have the Amazon Appstore yet, check out our Android Community 101, then head on over there and grab it. Once you do, help the game humiliate me some more and post how many attempts it takes you to get to level 2.