The Amazon App store isn’t going anywhere anytime soon and the great ideas they have just keep getting better and better. Not only do they offer a free app of the day every single day, but now they look to be starting something called “Geek Week”. It may not be every week but they are offering amazing Android apps that many power users (or geeks like myself) will find very useful all at extremely low prices.

This first round of “Geek Week” looks to please all the rooted and power users of Android because this is almost what I’d call the essential app list for root users. I own four of those apps and the only thing missing is Titanium Backup. Check out all the awesome and highly highly popular apps below at huge discounts thanks to Amazon.

Easy Tether $9.99 –> $4.99
Root Explorer $3.99 –> $0.99
WidgetLocker $1.99 –> $0.99
Wave Launcher $1.99 –> $0.99
SetCPU $2 –> $0.99
RepliGo Reader $4.99 –> $1.99
Xtralogic Remote Desktop Client $24.95 –> $12.99
BackupEverything $1.99 –> $0.99

If you have a rooted Android phone and are yet to buy Root Explorer and SetCPU now is the perfect time as both of those apps are essential and something I’ve been using for a long, long time. If you’ve been debating on whether its worth it to set and and use the Amazon App Store this would be another one of those good times to give it a try, all you need is an account.

Geek Week App List

[via Android Police]