If you are an Android user a very cool new app has landed that will give access to a virtual computer on your smartphone or tablet. The new app comes by way of Xform Computing and is called AlwaysOnPC mobile. Right now, the app is on the Verizon VCAST Apps store as a mobile subscription offering. The app will give the Android user a complete virtual PC accessible from the Android device wherever they are. The app also has Dropbox integration and more.

Other features include the ability to access full featured image editing software, copy/paste between any app, and 2GB of storage. The app also allows the user to run Chrome with in-browser Java from Android devices allowing access to all sorts of sites that aren’t normally available on the Android device directly.

All of the connections between the Android device and the virtualized computer are encrypted to protect data. None of the data is loaded or cached on the mobile device. That security makes the app usable by enterprise workers where security is a concern. The app offers a free trial and is priced at $2.99 monthly directly to the Verizon bill.