Most of us probably have a mobile mail app and then a separate calendar app on our smartphones and tablets. But if you think about it, it makes sense that you should have just one app for both right? That’s what Alto Mail is hoping will happen with the latest update to their app. The AOL-owned app will now have full calendar integration so you can manage your emails and your schedule in just one place. This also means that Amazon Alexa integration is also part of the calendar integration.

Basically, the change in the Alto Mail app is you now have a calendar view and it gets info from your email to populate the calendar. You have the usual day, week, or month view and all the other usual calendar app features. Plus, since Alto Mail already has support for Amazon Alexa, you can also ask the voice digital assistant for updates on your schedule. This makes Alto only the second calendar app to support Alexa, after Google Calendar.

They’ve also been adding a few “smart hacks” every now and then. You have the Alto Dashboard which lets you have a single view across all your inboxes, in case you have multiple accounts within the app. And you also have “stacks” where you can see all your conversations from a certain account in just one place. For example, if you have a Slack app, all your conversations and notifications from the messaging app can be seen in one place.

It also has a Shop/Book Again feature where you can make repeat purchases on online retailers like Amazon, without having to leave Alto itself. You will also be able to see all your past shopping history and then just repeat recurring orders. The app will also be incorporating third-party integrations, like with ridesharing services. They have more plans so we’ll probably be hearing more about new partnerships and features.

VIA: Digital Trends


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