If it’s your dream to travel through space and fly endlessly across the different galaxies, you are one step closer to checking that off your bucket list. Well, virtually at least if you have an Android gadget that is. The developer of that simple but difficult game PUK has come up with another doozy with ALONE…, where you get to pilot a space capsule at light speed in another endless runner game, but this time with a galactic twist.

Instead of controlling your spaceship by tapping, you slide your finger in the direction that you want it to go, whether it’s up or down, as you evade asteroids, space rocks, debris, etc. It will take some getting used to, especially as the game is very touch sensitive, and you might find yourself screaming because you didn’t actually want the ship to go that way. And did we mention that this game is played at lightning speed and that your space ship is super duper fast?

The graphics are not that complicated and all you need to know is that you have to avoid all those debris flying through space from destroying your ship, all while trying to manoeuvre one of the twitchiest game controls ever. Good thing is that there are only three unlockable difficulty levels and two bonus modes that will be unlocked when you reach certain milestones. And while you’re playing the game, you have a great soundtrack to back you up.

You can download ALONE… from the Google Play Store for only $2.47. The single player game does not have any in-app purchase and should work with mid-level and above Android smartphones and tablets.