If you were one of two people who were big Allo users and you haven’t backed up your data yet, you might want to hurry up and do so. The soon-to-be-defunct messaging app from Google has started its official shutdown today, March 12, and so you probably have a few hours to either download your data or destroy it completely. If you were aware of the imminent shutdown then you probably already have done either but here are instructions just in case you didn’t yet.

You can backup your entire chat history and even the media that you sent through the app. Go to the side menu with the three horizontal lines and then tap on the settings and chat. You’ll have several options for the download. You can export the messages from chats which include all the ones just in text form, without attachments or media. You can also export the stored media which includes photos, videos, and other files you sent.

The messages will then be stored in a CSV file which has the date, conversion name, conversation ID, sender, message type, and the content. Meanwhile, the media will be exported into a separate ZIP file which will have images, audio, video, file, and even sticker formats.

But if you actually don’t want to save and back up any of your data from the app for some reason, you can delete your entire Allo history. Go to the menu button in the app and head for the settings. Tap on the Chat backup, then go to the three vertical buttons (more) and then select delete backup.

If you actually set up your Google Drive as the backup for your Allo data, go to Google Drive > Settings > Manage Apps > Allo and then go to the options. There’s a Delete Hidden App Data there that should ensure all your Allo data disappears. Just make sure you do either or both of these today as we say goodbye to Allo forever.

VIA: SlashGear