Google really wants you to have its messaging app, Allo, a part of your digital life. The recent announcement that you can create stickers that are based on your selfies was a unique and interesting feature, and one that got a little bit of buzz going for the app. The upcoming Allo 11 major update will also be bringing new features that may not be as interesting as that one, but is still pretty useful for those who like their messaging apps with lots of functionalities, aside from sending messages.

If you have several group chats going on and you’d like to add new members as time goes along, it will be easier to do so now. You can just generate a QR code for the group chat, send it to someone you’d like to add and they can join by scanning the code. Or if you’d like it to be a little less complicated, you can also generate an invite link that you can send to them as well. This feature is already live when you update the app.

Some features aren’t yet live but you can already see their traces in the code. Integration with Google’s calling app Duo will probably be activated soon so you can make calls through Duo from within Allo. You will also soon be able to ask Google Assistant to send your messages. Right now if you do it, it will simply tell you “I can’t send Allo messages” but hopefully soon, that will all change.

The update for Allo 11 has not yet been pushed out for the general public, but you can already install it through an APK download that is already signed by Google. Happy updating!

VIA: 9 to 5 Google