It’s official: you can cast anything to your Amazon Fire TV. Thanks to Koushik Dutta and his tireless work on AllCast, the app is now available for the latest streaming TV box. With it, you can stream movies from just about anywhere to your Fire TV.

AllCast has its roots in Chromecast lore, with early incarnations being blocked in one ofrm or another by Google. Though likely not meant as a nefarious act, it left the future of AllCast hanging, as Koush became disillusioned with moving forward.

Now, we have AllCast just about everywhere, making it one of (perhaps THE) only cross platform streaming app. The ability to take media stored in your Dropbox or “Google+” account (likely Drive) — as well as files stored locally — and broadcast it to a Fire TV is a feature we’re glad to not have to wait for.

AllCast is available on the Amazon App Store now, so grab it if you have a Fire TV. It’s one of our favorite apps for Android, and Amazon notes it works with the Fire TV remote, so that’s handy. Keep in mind you will also need the app for Android, and it works with Android 4.1 or above.

Source: Amazon

Via: Google+