Getting DOOM and/or Duke Nukem running on a hacked device is almost a rite of passage. While various unofficial and emulated versions of the shooter have been available for some time, Android gamers will soon be able to play an official version of the 1996 classic Duke Nukem 3D. The game will be coming to the Android Market in all its blocky, pixelated glory from developer Tapjoy.

For those of you who spent 1996 playing with Mario or Sonic, The Duke is one of gaming’s most iconic bad boys. Interest in the more venerable entries in the Duke Nukem first person shooter franchise has been rekindled lately with the long, long overdue (and unfortunately pretty unimpressive) release of Duke Nukem Forever on consoles and PC. According to many of the reviews, you’re probably better off playing the 15-year-old Duke Nukem 3D anyway.

The game has been available for some time in the iOS App Store, and Tapjoy is working with MachineWorks NorthWest to port the game for Android hardware running 2.1 or above, including tablets. No release date has been finalized, but the press release mentions that the game will be available “very soon” in the Android Market. For more classic PC games headed to a handset near you, check out the recent announcement for Leisure Suit Larry.