You may never want to witness an alien invasion but you may like the ‘Alien Companion’. Oh wait, it’s not a scary new game but a special app for Reddit that offers several offline features like a gif viewer, offline profiles, and offline images with gif support. Viewing photos can be both fast and exciting as most animated images and photos are supported. An album grid is a more efficient way to display all images.

The app was recently updated by Redditor ubercharge_ready. Some new improvements include a new icon by another Reddit member /u/NoBullet. Font size options have been updated as well for your customization needs. Support for spoiler tagged text has been improved while setting specific sync options of individual profiles are now allowed even if the accounts are offline.

The idea of this app is to bring Reddit to a user even when he’s offline and there is no or limited Internet connection. Browsing items and stories on the app offline is possible. It’s like any other Reddit reader but can still load the posts, images, and even comments offline once synced. This way, you can still read the latest on Reddit even when the Internet suddenly gets disconnected.

App is still in beta mode but you can sign up as a tester.

Download Alien Companion and become a tester