Last September, Amazon announced that its Alexa-supported devices will soon be getting new features, including location-based routines and reminders. It took them a while but now 3 months later, that update is finally rolling out, at least for users in the United States. This means if you have any of the supported devices, you can now tell Alexa to do specific routines for you and to remind you of specific things, depending on where you are at the moment.

When Amazon first introduced Routines to Alexa users, it made things more convenient as you could initiate a series of actions just by giving one command. They’re bringing it one level higher now with these location-based routines which will initiate once you’re in the location that you specified when setting it up, like your home or your office. The trigger will be once you enter or leave the location that it is programmed to.

For example, you can set it up that as soon as you leave the office, the lights will shut down, your smart lock will activate and your driving or commuting music will start to play. Or you can tell Alexa to remind you that as soon as you get home, you will need to take the food out of the refrigerator to thaw. There are a lot of routines and reminders that you can set up so feel free to experiment.

The location-based features are now rolling out to users in the US but it will take a few weeks to complete. They can be delivered through Echo devices but also through push notifications from the Alexa app on your supported mobile device. Update your Alexa app now to see if you have it already and then start setting it up.

VIA: SlashGear