Alexa Together

Last year, the Alexa Care Hub was introduced. It’s a service that allowed remote caregiving easier for loved ones. It’s possible for those part of the Amazon ecosystem. It’s more of an Alexa feature that allows connection between family members so they can be connected at all times. The idea is further improved with this new service called Alexa Together. With this service, you can monitor the elderly with a number of Amazon products like the Amazon Echo or Alexa.

As described, this Alexa Together system is “a new service designed to help aging family members feel more comfortable and confident living independently.” It features an Urgent Response feature and connectivity with third-party devices that may be accessed anytime.

Alexa Together makes communication easier, better, and faster. It lets you call family and friends and the monitored individual with much ease. Feel free to set reminders for any individual being monitored.

You can take advantage of the Remote Assist feature to link to a music service. This can then be used to play songs for the monitored individual.

Alexa Together is only $20 per month. You can enjoy a 6-month free trial. If you are already a Care Hub customer, you can get as much as free one-year trial. Amazon will make the Alexa Together service available just before year 2021 is over.


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