Alexa Together

Amazon introduced the Alexa Together back in September. This special service lets you care for and monitor the elderly loved ones. As promised, it’s launching just before year-end. The service is developed for the aging customers. It helps them be and feel more comfortable at home. For those who want to live independently, they can be confident while giving the rest of the family peace of mind. The voice technology has been helpful over the years and will continue to benefit the whole family.

Alexa Together is a new subscription service combines a number of other helpful features like Care alerts and Care Hub—the activity feed. Amazon is bringing together those services to bring a more helpful experience to many people.

It’s like being there for the customer but not really obvious–just in the background, ready to help. It offers a sense of independence and at the same time, peace for the family who may be far away.

All you need is an Alexa device whether it’s an Echo, Echo Dot, or Echo Show. Set up the Alexa product at home and it will do the job in the background. Special features are as follows: Urgent Response, Fall detection response, Activity feed and alerts, and Remote Assist.

Alexa Together is guaranteed private and secure. An aging customer’s caregiver can see if there was an activity but not exactly the interaction.

The service costs $199 per year or $19.99 per month. You can avail of the free limited-time, six-month trial. Current Care Hub customers will receive one free year of Alexa Together. The free access will be until December 7, 2022. Check and see for yourself.


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