The monthly Alexa update brings a lot of new features to the various Amazon devices that support their voice assistant. The latest one indicated in the October 2021 round-up brings a lot of new features including the ability to “move” your music or podcast to the device that you’ll be using next, whether it’s a pair of earphones or the smartphone connected to your car. There are also new Alexa commands for sports fans and TikTok fans as well as early Black Friday shoppers.

When you’re listening to music, podcasts, or radio stations on one device and you need to transfer it to another, you can now ask Alexa to move it for you to another Echo device. When you put on your Echo Buds, connect it to your phone, then say, “Alexa, move my music here” and what was playing on your Echo speakers or smart display will continue to play on your earbuds. When you’re moving to your car, pause your music first and then connect Echo Auto to your phone and say, “Alexa, resume music.”

Even within your home, this feature will be handy. Just say “Alexa, move my podcast to the kitchen” if you have an Echo speaker there or say “Alexa, pause music” and then “Alexa, resume music here” when you’re in front of the device you want to continue listening to. Alexa can also now play The Two-Minute Drill, an NFL football pregame show, TikTok videos on Fire TV, and random Netflix shows Fire TV devices in the U.S. and Canada.

There are also new features for Alexa-powered devices like new colors (Quartz Grey and Pacific Blue) and features (Top Contact, Sleep Mode, Auto Volume) for the Echo Frames. There’s also a new Billie Eilish Limited-Edition Echo Studio smart speaker which is adorned with her latest album Happier Than Ever. The Alexa app meanwhile has a new Automotive Hub so you can find out what your car can do with Alexa if it’s able to connect to it.

Amazon has a lot of devices to update and give Alexa more skills to work with them so this monthly feature drop is pretty important. You can check out Alexa online resource for all the features that the voice assistant can do.


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