With the emergence of several smart speakers from major brands like Amazon, Apple, and Google, you expect other smart devices to get support for all of these platforms. But somehow, it’s not as easy as consumers expect. Earlier this year, IKEA released their new line of smart lights called TRÅDFRI and after a “false start” last August when it came to integration, they are now finally confirming that a software update brings support for Apple’s HomeKit and Amazon’s Alexa digital assistant.

What makes the TRÅDFRI lights really appealing is its price range, which is relatively lower than most other smart lights, and of course it comes from a beloved brand like IKEA. Now it will be even more useful for those using Apple’s HomeKit or those who have Echo devices around their home. A software update will now let your Apple Home app control the lights, although the dimmers switches and other accessories are not yet supported. The 8-digita HomeKit code can be found in the new IKEA TRÅDFRI app, version 1.2.

Meanwhile, in regions where Amazon has Echo devices, the lights can also be controlled through Alexa. You can ask Amazon’s digital assistant to dim the lights or turn the bulbs on and off through voice commands. Unfortunately, if what you have is a Google Home speaker, then you still won’t be able to tell, “Ok Google, turn off the IKEA lights.” There hasn’t been any announcement as to when this will actually happen, so don’t hold your breath.

In case you’re thinking of buying the TRÅDFRI lights, you can get the LED dimmable bulb from $19.99 to $24.99. The kit, which has a bulb and a puck-like remote, will cost you $19.99 while you can upgrade it to $29.99 and it will include a remote that can control three steps of color temperature.

VIA: The Verge