Alexa hands-free

Alexa has been busy a lot these days. Ever since its debut over four years ago, Alexa hasn’t slowed down any bit. It was introduced to rival Siri and Google Now but at present, its only main competition is the Google Assistant. Most smart speakers depend on either Alexa or Google. There is a long list of devices that are currently powered by Amazon’s very own digital voice assistant but we’re more interested in how Alexa is playing with the Fire Android tablets. It’s true Alexa doesn’t work the same way it does on the Echo series but the company is making big changes.

For one, Alexa support on the Fire 7 and Fire HD 8 will be further strengthened. It will go hands-free now and will feature a new voice mode. Voice triggering can now be enjoyed on your Fire HD 8 and Fire 7. Simply tap and hold the on-screen home button and then start talking to Alexa.

The changes will be delivered via a quick firmware update. Take note that Alexa will only “hear” you if the screen is on or the tablet is plugged into power. Alexa will not listen if it’s not powered on or not plugged into a charger.

If you’ve been thinking of getting an Echo, Echo Dot, or even a new tablet, you may consider the Amazon Fire 7 or Fire HD 8. It works as an ordinary tablet for your basic mobile needs while offer Alexa to do other tasks for you.

VIA: SlashGear