Fans of the hit HBO show Westworld will now get a chance to be part of the narrative of the mind-bending series. Well, at least you can be part of a game based on the show and powered by Amazon’s Alexa. It sounds about right that a show mostly about artificial intelligence should have a game that is also powered by an AI entity. Westworld: Maze is a choose-your-own-adventure type of game that you can play on your Echo smart speaker or any device that has support for Alexa.

If you haven’t yet started watching Westworld but you plan to sometime soon, the game might just spoil most of the show’s premise for you so you probably shouldn’t continue reading this. But we’re assuming that if you’re interested in the game, you’ve already seen a few episodes and so you know that a lot of characters in the show are actually not human and are highly intelligent but still AI droids who look like humans. The two main characters in this game are actually two characters in the show: Jeffrey Wright as Bernard and Angel Sarafyan as Clementine.

After you’ve downloaded The Maze skill, just say, “Alexa, open Westworld” and you’ll be able to start the game. You’ll play one of the hosts (or a humanoid, in case you forgot) in Sweetwater, the main town where a lot of the action takes place. You will have to answer questions about the show and advance through three levels, one more difficult after another of course. The game has different storylines that you can explore, including encountering some bandits riding through the town, a run-in with a Confederado, and dealing with a family of homesteaders.

The release of the game is just in time for the much-awaited season finale of airing and streaming this Sunday on HBO. While you can finish the game in twenty minutes, there are two hours worth of content that you can explore in this game.

VIA: Fast Company