After many delays, Spring Designs are finally ready to release the Alex eReader. This device gained popularity at this year’s Consumer Electronics Show, but issues with e-commerce website delayed its release. You can’t have an eReader without eBooks. Spring Designs has two content partners for the Alex in Google Books and Borders. Orders placed today will take up to four weeks to be delivered. Its ability to offer content in Chinese, Spanish, Russian, Korean and Hebrew is contributing to this delay.

You no longer have to wait in the U.S.; Spring Design begins selling the device today online for $359. It has a 6″ EPD or eInk display for reading books, the 11-ounce device also offers a 3.5″ color LCD and it runs Android. Authors of e-book content can add Internet hyperlinks to their books which Spring Designs call “LinkNotes”. Readers can tap on the link on the 6″ display and a webpage will pop up in full color displaying its contents. Alex includes both Wi-Fi and 3G mobile broadband.

[via SlashGear]