Details coming from a recently discovered FCC filing point towards the possibility of AT&T releasing an Alcatel branded smartphone. The handset is sporting a codename of Viper along with a series of mid-level specs. Neither AT&T or Alcatel have made an announcement just yet, however the FCC filing does list the handset as having support for the carriers network.

Details coming from the filing point towards the handset having a 4.6-inch display and being powered by a Qualcomm Snapdragon 400 processor. Nothing in terms of which version of Android the Viper would be running, but there was also mention of the handset having a removable battery, memory card slot and 5 megapixel rear-facing camera.

Aside from having the handset referred to as the Viper, the filing also points towards the name being the One Touch 7030Y. But again, since neither AT&T or Alcatel have made an announcement, we have yet to see which name the handset would be using when it arrives for sale. Given the specs this one seems like it will be a quiet launch and perhaps more important — an inexpensive handset.

Looking outside of this FCC filing and we have also seen Alcatel quietly unveil some other handsets. The others include the One Touch Idol S and the One Touch Idol Mini. Both of these were revealed by way of the Alcatel website and while there was nothing in terms of release and pricing details, there was a full set of specs for both. That being said, neither are what would be described as high-end devices.

VIA: phoneScoop