Alcatel JOY TAB 2

Alcatel may not be one of the top mobile OEMs today but we can rely on the brand for coming up with new phones and tablets left and right. In partnership with TCL, Alcatel is able to deliver new mobile devices ideal for the whole family. Our last feature were three affordable tablets. Before that, there were the budget-friendly smartphones introduced back in January. We particularly like the Alcatel JOY TAB KIDS which is a rugged but lightweight tablet for kids announced last year.

The JOY TAB family has gotten a new member. Alcatel has launched the Joy Tab 2. It is powered by Android 10 mobile OS.

It boasts an 8-inch HD display screen that optimizes brightness and tone and a 4080mAh battery that can last for hours. It’s a 4G LTE tablet that looks good in its super slim and lightweight design. The display is vibrant while the audio is excellent as made possible by the enhanced speaker system with Smart Power Amplifier for a richer sound experience.

The device comes with 32GB onboard storage, 3GB of RAM, and a 2.0 GHz quad-core processor. When it comes to imaging, the 5MP front and rear cameras may be enough to take selfies and record HD video.

The tablet is great for the whole family. Kids can use it but the Parental Controls will help adults set digital boundaries when it comes to which apps can be accessed and for how long.

Alcatel JOY TAB 2 Specs

Alcatel JOY TAB 2 is now available on Metro by T-Mobile. Price tag reads $119.99 which is affordable for its category.


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