MMORPGs on Android are mostly forgettable – this is because the user experience is degraded by the limitations of technology. But Sandbox Interactive is willing to try and use the growing mobile technology we have and build a proper MMORPG in “Albion Online”. After a seemingly long time of being in beta, the game is now available on Android.

Albion Online is an ambitious undertaking for Sandbox Interactive, mainly because they claim that with your character in game, you can “live whatever life you want”. The standard MMORPG gameplay is there – go questing, kill monsters and baddies, turn in your quests, get loot and level up. You can also be a crafter – collect the land’s resources and build stuff for warriors and other players who need it, selling your wares for a profit.

And the game is actually multi-platform – you can play on PC, Linux, Mac OSX, or on Android. The great thing is that your characters persist when playing on different platforms, and you can play with the same people you play with whatever platform you use.

Are you willing to try this one out? The game installer is available at the game’s official download site – it’s not available over at the Play Store as of now. This is a premium game with access starting at USD$29.95, so go ahead and try this one, if you’re hankering for a real MMORPG on your phone.