One of the greatest and most constant challenge that every person faces, especially in this constantly evolving world, is how to actually wake up without having to press the snooze button 100x. There have been a lot of alarm apps available, where developers think of the most “creative” ways to drag you out of bed. A new app will attempt to social media shame you if you don’t wake up on time. We don’t know whether to kiss the developers of AlarmRun or throw real alarm clocks at them.

The basic concept of this app is if you don’t wake up on time or when you set your alarm to, then it will do an automated command that you’ve set-up, like posting a status on your Facebook or Twitter, “I’m trapped in my bed! Get me out!” Okay, that may only be slightly embarrassing, but there are other “scarier” choices in the app, that will get you scrambling in time to kill the alarm and not send the message out. Some of these include sending SMS to random people in your phonebook or posting a random picture from your gallery to your chosen social network.

After you’ve installed the app on your smartphone, you’ll be asked to log in to your Twitter, Facebook or Kakao Talk. Then you will set the unlock pattern and afterwards, add the alarm. You will be given several options like sending failure or even success messages to random people through SMS or social networks. And just like with a game, every time you have a successful getting out of bed morning, you’ll get points and progress towards…well, there is no actual prize except you getting to school or work on time.

AlarmRun can be downloaded from the Google Play Store for free. So are you ready to challenge yourself to waking up on time before you eventually humiliate yourself online?


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