What else can you do with an alarm clock app? Well, you add features to it and get people to buy your app. This is what AlarmPad – pretty much an alarm clock app with bells and whistles (geddit?) – adds to your app arsenal. And today, the developers of AlarmPad has given the app some more features, plus a limited time offer to unlock all features.

Aside from being a basic alarm clock, new features of AlarmPad include server syncing – which allows you to have all your alarm settings synced to a cloud database so that you have the same settings across all your Android devices. A new feature now allows you to pick your song files (specifically mp3 files) as alarm tones – although we would argue that this feature should have been existing since day 1 for the app.

The app now also has NFC support for dismissing alarms, new Tasker plugins and some other new stuff. If you want to get a test version of the app for free, you can join the developers’ Google+ app community to be one of the testers.


The developer has been kind enough to make unlocking the new features available free for a limited time. You just need to download the free version of the app via Google Play Store – or if you have been using the app before, you must update it to the latest version. Then go to the “Discover New Features” menu and look for the “Register” button. You need to register and activate with your email – and use the code “reddit” to gain 30 points – which should be enough for you to activate all new features.

Or you can download the pro version here – pay for the app – and get all features unlocked and have your AlarmPad be ad free as well.

SOURCE: Reddit