Waking up to alarm clocks is one of the most challenging things to do, especially for people who are not used to waking up early. You have to find more inventive ways to get yourself up and running, and some apps are there to help you out in this “endeavor”. AlarmDroid is a simple but effective (we hope so!) of waking you up when you need to, and the latest update to the app makes things even better.

If the dulcet tones of your alarm aren’t enough to get you out of bed, AlarmDroid can help you create custom alarms where you won’t be able to turn it off until you do certain obstacles like answer a math problem or answer difficult questions, etc. We won’t guarantee that you’ll be in the best of moods afterwards, but at least it did get you out of bed. You can also make the app say out loud the time, day, and even weather conditions outside. And if you want to just sleep a little while longer (and who doesn’t really?), you can turn over your phone to automatically give you a few more minutes.

Version 2.0 is the newest update to AlarmDroid, and the biggest change is that it now sports the Material Design Visual Guideline that Google espouses. You also now have even more options for time pickers. plus a new tile view and a black theme, if you want to go classic old school. And if you want to still use the classic stop and snooze way of dealing with your alarms, you can also do so. Although with a lot of customizable options for snoozing, you wouldn’t really want to do that.

You can download AlarmDroid if you haven’t yet from the Google Play Store for free. The update should have finished rolling out by now so expect to see the changes. There are also in-app purchases available to give you even more options.