A company called Akvelon has announced a new Performance Management Toolkit or PMT for Android device testing that allows developers and others to test the real world end-to-end user experience on the mobile device. The PMT is aimed at all sorts of developers that are trying to figure out how apps and other things affect the performance of the Android device. The PMT also allows crowd sourcing of the test process using a customizable solution for server side test scheduling.

The PMT Android test execution agent can be installed on any Android device in only a few seconds and needs no special provisions to run. The suite will run in the background on the device and doesn’t interfere with the normal use of the tablet or mobile phone. The task scheduling server gives testers the ability to schedule recurring tests on devices.

The tests include things like HTTP performance testing, throughput measurements, media streaming, and FTP bulk data transfers. The server is able to collect all test data and provides a reporting engine. The engine also allows the tests to be compared to those run in other groups or on different devices. The PMT sounds like an Android benchmarkers dream.