According to Sproutbox Design, their AIVIA device is primarily a wireless speaker, and a great-sounding one at that. But the AIVIA will also give you a digital voice assistant and an Android 6.0 operating system where your apps can run, giving air to its claim of being the world’s smartest wireless speaker.

From a purely audiophile standpoint, the AIVIA should wow you with the quality of its sound, given that the device has its own subwoofer. There are two full range speakers to the left and right, designed by Bang & Olufsen engineers to give you outstanding quality. But being a wireless speaker is the easy part.

With the Android OS and integrated Google Assistant, you can load your media content apps – Spotify, Soundcloud, YouTube, or what have you – and stream your music over wifi. You don’t even have to touch it, Google Assistant will let you play songs and media via voice command.

No wifi? No problem. The AIVIA has internal storage so you can store audio files and play them without network connection. This Kickstarter project has already met its crowdfunding goal, but it’s still possible to pledge an amount – the lowest is at USD$350 for you to get one by July 2019. The retail price is pegged at USD$400.

SOURCE: Kickstarter