This new AirConsole service has an intriguing proposition: it creates a connection – presumably over your WiFi network – between your PC and your smartphone, and allows you to play games on your PC screen with your Android device as a controller. As the official website says it “Your PC is the console, your smartphone is the controller.”


The official website is your portal, and it features free games at this point. You just go to the website, get the connect code, then have your device browse to the site as well. It will ask you to enter the code into the smartphone side, thereby confirming the connection. No downloads, no fuss. The platform automatically switches from menu to controller for when you’re browsing a menu, or playing.


The star of the show definitely is the NES emulator that is featured on the website. You can just drag your favorite Nintendo Entertainment System ROMs from your childhood days onto the website and it will start playing the game, your smartphone as controller, of course. The connection lags a bit when we tried it, but it is definitely playable. If you want a better connection, the website will ask you to download the AirConsole app.


How you get your ROMs is a totally other matter, as that is gray are legally. But the service does point us to a cool new way of playing games, even as a group when multiple people can connect to the service and have some fun gaming sessions together.

SOURCE: AirConsole