Popular home-sharing service Airbnb redesigned all their digital properties just over a year ago, but one thing that was missing was a mobile app for tablets. They had one for smartphones but it wasn’t optimized for larger screens. That is, until now. They’re finally introducing a tablet version of the app, all the better to view the beautiful photos of the homes for rent and to tempt users into visiting tourist destinations through easily scrollable pictures and features.

The idea behind the design and UI of the tablet app is to mimic how you browse through glossy travel magazines and then bookmark places of interest, but this time in a digital fashion of course. The “cinematic feel” of the app’s pictures and features makes it easier for you to research on the place that you’re traveling to or to look for your next travel destination. Just simply flip through the listings until you find the place that suits you the most or scroll through the various tourist spots near the area of your next business or pleasure trip.


After you’ve logged in to your account, the app will bring you potential destinations, together with the most popular individual rental properties. Or if you already have a place in mind, you can access their comprehensive map and search for the city or destination, and it will show you the available listings in that area. However, a popular feature on the web site, which includes points of interest nearby, is not included in the tablet version. This is supposedly a useful tool that can help you decide on a residence to rent.


But aside from that omission, this is a comprehensive enough app and is beautifully designed to give justice to the beautiful photos featured in the app. You can download the Airbnb tablet app from the Google Play Store for free.

SOURCE: Airbnb