Aio Wireless, which is a subsidiary of AT&T, has just announced a change in their prepaid offering. Trying to ultimately get more subscribers under AT&T’s network, the carrier is now offering its plans with lower monthly fees or bigger data capacity.

Aiming for a “more for less” image, Aio Wireless is advertising its prepaid plans as the best option for more budget-constrained customers. Of course, these do not come with annual contracts. They also offer unlimited voice, text and data.

Aio Wireless’ new offerings start at the Basic Plan, which has the same $40 monthly price. The difference now is that the basic plan offers double the amount of high speed data at 500 MB. At the next rung of the ladder is the Smart Plan at $50, a $5 reduction from the previous scheme but also adds half a gigabyte of data, now at 2.5 GB. More active users will probably want to go with a Pro Plan. This gives 5 GB of data at $10 less, ending up with a monthly payment of $60.

The carrier is also announcing several Samsung devices available with discounts for new subscribers signing up before March 13. This includes a Galaxy S 4 priced at $529.99, instead of the usual $579.99. This offer, however, only applies while supplies last and might also still require a $25 activation fee.

SOURCE: Aio Wireless