At this point in time, the notifications you get on your smartphone are pretty straightforward in that they don’t need any kind of machine intelligence for it to work. The notifications lack subtlety and a sense of relevance as well – you get notified as soon as the phone has the notification, and it is up to the user to decide whether you need it or not. Pretty soon, artificial intelligence (AI) could help your phone decide what notifications to give you, and which notification you’d most likely click through and respond to.

Two Taiwanese developers are trying to make your phone smarter, in helping it choose which notifications you usually respond to and which ones you most likely will click through. This will use machine learning, of course, and AI will allow our phones to learn our habits and determine what notifications it should display and which it shouldn’t.

TonTon Hsien-de Huang and Hung-Yu Kao are calling this “Clicksequence-aware deeP neural network (DNN)-based Pop-uPs recommendation” or C-3PO, because you’re more likely to remember the popular initials than the technical name which is a mouthful. This AI uses an algorithm that learns what users respond to and which they don’t, and it is pretty similar to the algorithms used by Facebook and Instagram – your news feed shows posts that the algorithm calculated that we probably will like, based on interactions and likes.

The algorithm and the AI is available to be used, but it remains to be seen if manufacturers will pick it up for their devices coming next year. If you want more information on this project, check out the source link below.