The AGENT smartwatch Kickstarter page went live yesterday and so far, it looks like things are going good for the company. While there was the initial comparisons between the Pebble and the AGENT smart watches, it looks like there may be another comparison in the works. The AGENT Kickstarter page seems to have attracted quite a bit of attention and as a result — plenty of funding.

Basically, the AGENT smartwatch has more than doubled their fundraising goals within the first day. Specifically, they were looking for $100,000 and at this time, are sitting at $240,023. That money has come from 1,359 backers and it looks like the remaining slots are filing up quickly. The project has a handful of available options for potential backers to choose from, however those slots appear to be nearly half filled already.

Looking over the options and we see an early bird offering for $129 that has been filled, a $149 pledge level that has 1546 of 2000 slots remaining, a $179 pledge level that is full and a $199 pledge level that has 1347 out of 2000 slots remaining. There is also one remaining, though while neat, this one does not come cheap. The final level is a $2,500 pledge that will have you on-site and assisting in the process of building your watch. We should also point out that final pledge level has 5 of 5 slots remaining


The interesting part here, it seems the AGENT smartwatch Kickstarter will be limited to 4205 units. While that sounds low, we suspect this will help get the process started and hopefully allow the process to run smoothly and keep that shipping timeline. At present the AGENT smartwatch is expected to begin shipping in December.

So, another seemingly successful Kickstarter project for a smartwatch. It should be interesting to see how this will compare to the Pebble once it is in the hands of backers. While the AGENT does look rather different as compared to the Pebble, at the basic level — the features are similar. By that we mean the AGENT will be able to provide alerts and notifications on your wrist.

On the flip side there are some differences. The AGENT appears to have a nicer watchband, however there is also support for the Qi wireless charging standard and lots of talk about battery life. In fact, one of the nice parts about the AGENT appears to be the dual processor set-up and the power management mode that will have the AGENT switch over to a watchface-only mode when it reaches 10 percent battery life. So, have any of you Android Community readers backed the AGENT yet?

SOURCE: Kickstarter